A GAPS Birthday Party

My roommates are absolutely the sweetest and coolest people EVER!! It just happened to be my 26th birthday yesterday and my sister and best friend, Emma, spent the weekend slaving away making recipes from my blog to invite a few friends over for GAPS-friendly birthday party.

Neither of them cook or eat on the GAPS diet (except for when I can get them to try my recipes and tell me whether or not they taste like what normal people eat taste) but spent the time shopping for and finding all the right ingredients and putting together a few recipes from scratch. I was both deeply touched by their thoughtfulness and wholly entertained by their tremendous efforts to cook GAPS-friendly recipes.

Being the geniuses they are, they turned my ice cream sandwich recipe into a layer cake and it turned out AWESOME!! I should have done that in the first place! The alternating layers of GAPS-friendly ice cream and chocolate fudge cake layers were incredible.  I was drooling over it all night. And I might have had some for breakfast this morning:/

GAPS diet birthday cake

It was a blast watching them make it though--they might have forgotten to buy parchment paper... and to add the eggs in the process.. but they seemed to figure it out and come out with an absolutely delicious cake;) these ladies rock!!

gaps birthday dishes

My sister also seemed to have the time of her life making 3 batches of BBQ Bacon-wrapped meatballs with the beautiful nitrate, sugar-free bacon they were able to find (she is also a little embarrassed that I took a picture of her without any make-up but she looks great right???)

GAPS birthday cake

It was wonderful to see some friends I hadn't seen in a long time and I got so caught up in chatting and enjoying people that I totally spaced on taking pictures until after the fact! Definitely needed to get some pictures with friends and family... I'll remember that next time! So here's some pictures of the leftovers... the BBQ bacon meatballs were definitely a hit!

gaps birthday appetizers

I was also just so touched by the tremendous love I felt from some dear friends here in Provo! I mean, I have never received such heartfelt, thoughtful gifts--I mean blueberry infused balsamic vinegar and the most gorgeous flowers I've ever received?!?!?! Who has better friends than I do?!?!

GAPS birthday-7

GAPS birthday-8

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone and I wish I could have seen you all and given you big hugs yesterday for all your friendship and love and support over the years!! What a wonderful thing life is--the moments and memories we create during our lives are truly something special. Thanks for spending this little sojourn we call life with me!! Let's just party all the time, okay??

GAPS birthday dessert

GAPS birthday-4




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