Apple Raspberry Kvass

Kvass is a drink made from fermenting foods in water. Although most European countries associate it with something like beer or other alcoholic beverages, it can be made from fermenting fruits and vegetables to make a non-alcoholic, probiotic, enzyme and nutrient-rich drink.

My favorite part about kvass is that is tastes like SODA!!! I actually had grown to not really like soda, mostly because of the heavy sugar taste. However, the process of fermentation for drinks like kvass allows bacteria cultures to eat up the sugar and produce gases that give the drink a light, fresh, and fizzy taste. Now it's all I want to drink!!


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Apple Raspberry Kvass
Author: Amy MoffatPrep time: 2 minCook time: 3 daysServings: 2 cups kvass


1 whole apple, grated
Handful raspberries
1 Tbsp grated fresh or frozen ginger
1 Tbsp whey (dripped from homemade yogurt)
2 c filtered water


Place grated apple, raspberries, and ginger in a pint-sized glass mason jar
Pour in the whey and fill the jar to the shoulder with water
Seal with a lid and place on the counter for 2-3 days, shaking a couple times a day to make sure no other bacteria form cultures on the top
Lid should be expanded (unable to press down) after 2-3 days and bubbles should have formed inside.
Enjoy filtered or as is!

3 Responses to “Apple Raspberry Kvass

  • I can’t wait to try this. It sounds much more delicious than the plain water kefir I’ve been drinking.

  • I keep going from recipe to recipe they all look simple to make and delicious!

    • Thanks so much Lauren! My goals is to make easy recipes that are SIMPLE for everyone to make! There’s no point in doing a million fancy recipes with difficult ingredients if you can’t sustain that kind of lifestyle. Real health takes day to day effort to eat clean and eat well and so we’ve got to make that simple! Hope you are enjoying the recipes!

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