Change 5 Things You Do When You Eat and Ditch Fatigue, Gas, and Bloating

Did you know that HOW you eat affects how you feel just as much as WHAT you eat?

It's true!

In Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, the way you eat is very important. From the seating to the order of the dishes, everything is meant to help you digest your food and optimize your health.

In our busy western culture, we've lost so much of the traditions surrounding how we eat that can help us feel better. We end up eating on the run, in the car, scarfing down muffins and coffee. And in turn, we have indigestion, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. In reality, these are also signs that we aren't digesting our food, leaving nutrients untouched and unusable by the body.

Join me, Amy Moffat, NTP, for a free live webinar Thursday, Dec 7th at 7 pm MT to learn how you can change just 5 things you do when you eat and experience better energy, better digestion, and better health!

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