Chicken Pot Pie

This recipe is genius. Alyssa, from, has mastered a wonderfully thick and creamy chicken and veggie filling topped with a savory, crisp crust that is grain-free.

Before you head over to her site to begin cooking, (I know... I was excited to eat pot pie too!!) there are a few adjustments you might have to make if you are on the GAPS diet. Potatoes and tapioca powder are both starches, which have to be avoided while on the GAPS diet, and so you will have to substitute them out. Use celery root instead of potatoes, cutting off the rough outside before chopping and cooking the same as you would potatoes in her recipe. As for the crust, I found that substituting 1/2 c of coconut flour for the tapioca starch did just fine.

Otherwise, this dish is GAPS friendly and absolutely delicious!! Make sure to use your own homemade chicken broth and coconut milk without guar gum--like Natural Value Coconut Milk. I think you will be as impressed as I was when you take your first bite or this paleo chicken pot pie.


Head over to for Alyssa's masterpiece!


**In general, it is better to eat meat and vegetables without baked goods or nuts. They tend to inhibit the digestion nutrient absorption of meats and vegetables. It is okay once in a while--for instance to enjoy a delicious pot pie--but for the most part try to eat baked goods and nuts (and fruit) in between meals as snacks.

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