Detox Your Home with Household Plants

I remember my sister telling me once, "You know, Amy, at this point, you could grow your own nursery!!" She was referring to the multitude of potted plants I had all around the house. And by "all around" I mean the bathroom, the kitchen, my bedroom, the living room. All around.

Reason being that plants are superb at removing toxins and chemicals that off-gas from home products. Couches, carpets, paints, clothes--you name it--are all made with synthetic materials that can release hundreds of chemicals from formaldehyde to benzene.

In fact, I was buying a couch this week and the sales person asked if I wanted the "additional spray" to protect from spills and stains. I opened my mouth to refuse (I'm so tired of having to buy extra stuff when all really wanted was what I came for), but somehow instead asked what kind of chemicals were used. He replied, "I don't actually know… but I do know that the suppliers claim an all-natural product… the sales rep drank the bottle of it right in front of us." Well then!! I'm glad I asked! Shows you I'm not that crazy.. Other people are worried about household chemicals too--enough to guarantee an all-natural safe fabric spray for couches anyways.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride writes the following: "Houseplants are our great friends when it comes to keeping our houses toxin free. They consume toxic gases and replace them with oxygen and other beneficial substances" (Gut and Psychology Syndrome, 309).

NASA even conducted a study to identify plants that could help clean up air pollution in enclosed places (i.e. the space station). A short summary of their study can be found here: The researcher also published a book, How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants that Purify Your Home Or Office, explaining how plants are able to pull waste from the air and into its roots and release pure oxygen. It's on my list of books to read… someday... it just sounds interesting right?

The point is that houseplants can do wonders in cleaning up our air. The more plants you have around, the better! Here is a list of some of the nature's best known air purifiers!!

Aloe vera

Peace lily



Spider plant

Weeping fig

Golden pothos

Chinese Evergreen

Snake plant

Philodendrons (Heartleaf and elephant ear and selloum)

Bamboo/reed palm

So get out there and go buy some houseplants!! Buying plants is kind of fun anyways:) Everyone likes to make things grow, right?? My spider plant has gone from 1 dying plant that I got at the store, to 3 flourishing ones!!! It's pretty awesome. I smile at it every time I see it:)

spider plant-2

one of my spider plants (above)

peace lily

my peace lily (has also grown twice it's size from last year! I'm so proud of them:))

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