The recipes you'll find here on Everyday Wholehearted are specifically crafted to bring health and healing to your body.  The GAPS diet, like the Paleo and SCD programs, eliminates starches and complex sugars that can be difficult for the body to digest when the gut is damaged. When removed from the diet for a period of time, and supplemented with proper nutrition and probiotic foods, the body can rebuild a healthy, nutrient-absorbing digestive system.  Once your digestive system is healed, the rest of your body will finally be able to function how it is meant to!  All of these GAPS recipes are grain-free, starch-free, and sugar-free (except for honey), and more importantly, vitamin-filled, nutrient-filled, and healthy-filled!! You won't be finding any recipes calling for processed foods filled with preservatives, additives, or coloring here! Everything is homemade, delicious, and the best food your body could hope for:)

favorite recipes

bbq chicken pizza-9BBQ Chicken Pizza
A classic pizza on a grain-free crust that can finally hold ALL your toppings!!

GAPS soupsCheesy Broccoli Soup
This GAPS soup is heavenly!--full of flavor and texture, but without onions and garlic for those who can't yet handle them..

mint chip ice creamMint Chip Ice Cream
Cool, refreshing, and creamy ice cream with only natural, good-for-you ingredients.

GAPS bacon meatballsBBQ Bacon Meatballs
Homemade Bacon Meatballs smothered in a grape-juice sweetened BBQ sauce sure to please any crowd!..

GAPS snacksCranberry Cream Cheese Dip with Grain-free Crackers
Crispy nut crackers with a sweet, tangy cranberry sauce and rich cream cheese...

apple cinnamon omelet-3Apple Cinnamon Omelet
A scrumptious twist on a simple omelet to satisfy your morning sweet tooth...