Healing Through Food

I've come a long way over the last year as I've focused on eating to heal my body.

Last weekend I went with a group of friends for a 2 day bike packing adventure. Long hours of grueling climbs but terrific scenery in the southern Wasatch mountains of Central Utah. Today I was thinking about how, just one year ago, I NEVER could have done that. My body wouldn't have let me.

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Now, I feel great. I have more energy and strength than I ever have. My mind is clearer and my emotions in control (well... i mean, I'm still a girl).

I think, by now, there are times when I could probably "cheat" and sneak in some foods that I used to love and still miss. Things like oreos and ice cream that pop up everywhere when you are at social gatherings or take road trips. Mustering up the will power to refuse something like oreos is hard, and there are still days when I hurry home to whip up my own healthy version of whatever everyone else was eating. And when I just can't get it right, and wish I could scarf down a warm, cinnamon-sugar covered bagel, I have to remind myself why I've chosen to stick with a lifestyle that is so different than that of most.

I remind myself these few things.

1. My body, mind, and spirit are influenced by how I eat.

I've come to learn that eating really is not about calories. It's not about gaining weight or staying skinny. It's not about stuffing my face to make my emotions go away, either. Eating is about sustaining life.

We live in a world that thrives on quick fixes--pills, vitamin chews, and pain killers--that are aimed at simply relieving symptoms. This is not how our bodies are meant to work. We are made up of complex systems and organs working 24/7 to sustain and nourish us throughout our entire lives--and all using minerals, fats, and bacteria that are available in our bodies. What we eat can either provide us with the building blocks we need to live or strip us of them. Whole, complete nutrition has the power to breathe life into ailing bodies, prevent and cure diseases, and give us the means to live for decades.


2. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't necessarily mean it is good.

It took me a long time to accept that kind of thinking about the chemicals and products we use every day. I assumed that something I bought in the store was safe--or at least wasn't harmful to me--because the general public has used it for years. The more I research I did, however, the more I shocked I became at the danger of chemicals found in everything from cleaners to containers to cookware. Most chemical used in household products are unregulated and untested for safety. And those that are often prove to be harmful.

"Wait, everyone uses this!" I would say. "This can't be bad for me!" Until my own life was affected personally, I didn't realize how wrong I was. And it seems like others are starting to notice the same. Organizations like Weston A Price, the Environmental Working Group, and Organic Consumers Association are helping spread the word about sustainability, safe products, and healthy living.  Despite arguments by large commercial companies trying to push for their products, most of us know about the dangers of BPAs, the toxic chemicals in sunscreens, or the cancerous compounds in cosmetics.

Like I said, just because everyone is doing it, doesn't necessarily mean it is good.


3. It's for my children.

I don't have any kids yet. But someday I hope to. And when that day comes, when my body will house little growing children, they will inherit whatever gut flora, whatever nutrients, whatever toxins I am storing in my body.

People might argue that the increase in diseases in children we see today--autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, depression, etc--has nothing to do with what kind of condition the mother's body is in. I believe it does. I am not trying to throw around any blame. Nonetheless, it is true that a child needs certain nutrients to develop correctly--just as each of us need proper nutrients to develop correctly. We need calcium to prevent osteoporosis. We need iron to maintain healthy blood. Children, especially in the womb, need the right nutrients to properly develop all the organs--including the brain! When it comes down to it, if my body cannot absorb or produce those nutrients, my children will be lacking them as well. If my body is full of toxins, my children will be as well. Ultimately, to cleanse and heal my body is to give life to my children.

When I remember these few things, all the difficult decisions to do what I do everyday make more sense (more is important because sometimes I still think I'm crazy to say no to oreos!!). I remember how much better I feel--more healthy, more alive, more capable of facing new challenges. I feel like I am living my life with more of my heart.

With my whole heart.

And it feels awesome.

2 Responses to “Healing Through Food

  • What a neat idea Amy! Thanks for sharing your insights with us, I think its very cool what you are doing for your health!

    • amoffat
      2 years ago

      Leah you are sweet thank you! It’s not always easy trying to share your thoughts and ideas about why you do the things you do but I’m glad it was helpful to you!

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