What is a Wholehearted Lifestyle?

When I first envisioned life on the GAPS diet, I saw myself having to make tough lifestyle changes, but eventually finding the health and understanding I longed for. I envisioned living without fear of what food was going to do to me, without the pain and irritation of eczema and asthma, and without feeling constantly exhausted.

Well, with time, patience, and plenty of bumps and bruises along the way, my vision of health was soon realized--but what I didn't expect or envision was some of the other blessings that came along with it, a lifestyle that brought deeper meaning and wholeheartedness to my life.

The lifestyle I dove into was one that opened my eyes to the joy and meaning of traditional living. From the joy of home-grown produce, to the miracle of herbs and home-remedies, I found deep satisfaction and meaning when I embraced taking care of my body in a way that sustained it and gave it life. 

I'm still learning a lot about how to create a more sustainable, more grateful, and more traditional home, but below are a few things I've learned that have helped me as I've made changes to create a healthier home! If you have any insights that might help us all on our journeys, please leave them anywhere you can find!;) 

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