Provo Canyon at Sunset

Okay so taking pictures of food really can be a lot of fun. It's fun to play with the lighting, and the plate, and the set up and once in a while (for me at least) get a shot that really looks good.

But... while real food is something I am very passionate about, my first love has always been the outdoors. Moving to Utah years ago was both a blessing and a curse to me; at some point I caught the mountain bug and I can't leave!!! The mountains have me hooked!!

The Wasatch and Uinta mountains are so incredibly accessible and, at the same time, absolutely breathtaking. It takes just minutes to go from busy State Streets in Utah Valley to serene mountain meadows,  flowing single track, or world-class fishing in the Wasatch front.

And when I am feeling bogged down by the rush of life, I'll jump in my car and--in minutes--find myself heading up Provo Canyon. I've driven that canyon hundreds of times and--ah!--I still just can't get over it!

The highway leads you east out of Provo, winding its way through the local peaks toward Heber Valley. The entry of the canyon offers a stunning full view of Utah's most-climbed peak before it takes you alongside the winding banks of Provo River. While the front of Mount Timpanogas is quite a site to see, it's the back side, facing west, I almost prefer. If you sneak off the highway and head down toward the river, you can find the old railroad tracks that now carry the local "Heber Creeper."

I was out one evening a week ago doing some hiking in the area and thought I'd stop by this spot. Boy, was I glad I did. The sunset was making everything glow a beautiful gold, reflecting its colors on the tracks, the mountains, and everything around it. Not sure exactly how it happened, as I've never really seen the light do that. Or maybe I had just never paid close enough attention to the way the sunset cast shadows at this time of year. Either way, my lense was able to catch a little bit of it and I thought I'd share some of it with you.

And maybe when you see these photos you might, like me, fall a little more in love with Provo Canyon, too.

provo canyon provo canyon-2 provo canyon-3


3 Responses to “Provo Canyon at Sunset

  • Brenda M
    2 years ago


  • So beautiful, you’re making me want to go back to Utah as soon as possible!

    • amoffat
      2 years ago

      Thanks Kari! I’ve been loving your incredible photos of Utah too! Southern Utah is a totally different type of landscape than up here, too, and your pictures make me want to get down there and get exploring all that Red Rock:)

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