The Holidays for the Rest of Us

This post is a special Thanksgiving post. But it's different than most holiday posts, I think.

Many bloggers get excited to finally post their favorite holiday recipe, disclose their polished-to-perfection holiday menu, and show off their beautiful homemade decorated table centerpieces for crafty moms who do it all.

This post is for the rest of us.

This post is for all the non-chefs, the "I only know how to make cookies" chefs, the microwave-dinner chefs, and the "let's just eat out tonight" every night chefs. And also for people like me; people who are trying to cook healthy, homemade meals, but are just making it up as we go--all while surrounded high-speed blades, flames, knives, and electricity.

So for those of you who find one or two of your holiday dishes to be complete disasters this year, take heart--my kitchen(s) has probably seen worse.

Presenting... "A Year's Worth of Kitchen Disasters..."



"Oh yeah. It's fine. I actually wanted it this way."




"How come the meat is still pink but everything else is black?"




"Why is it.. i mean how does.... Oh never mind. I'll just clean it up later.." (better then the next one)




"Yeah better clean this one up now."



"Salted--basil honey any one?.... and a crunchy keyboard for the rest of my life."



Carrot poop.

kitchen disasters

"I could have sworn there was supposed to be enough dough to cover the whole thing.. it's flawed. It's just flawed. Looks like I'm the only one who can eat this. And I better eat the whole thing so no one knows I made dinner and didn't share."



(Oh and don't accidentally put a pyrex dish on a hot burner)




Possibly the most scary kitchen disaster of all... three hours of dishes.



So take heart. This holiday season, face your kitchen, plant your feet, and say with confidence, "No matter what happens here--no matter how many things explode, or catch on fire, or break, or burn, or melt--I tried!! And I am a valuable person cuz I tried! And I can try again next year... and the year after that.."

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