Top 10 Healthy Food Blogs to Follow

I still remember those initial emotions that washed over me when I began reading Dr Natasha Campbell McBride's Gut And Psychology Syndrome. At first I was floored. Questions about my health that I had been struggling with for years finally seemed to be falling into place. All these skin issues, digestive issues, allergies, fatigue, and anxiety were connected and there was a solution.

I remember feeling so much hope, knowing I finally could take healing my body into my own hands and get down to healing the root of my health problems. 

And then I remember the overwhelm, thinking about the task ahead and how it would change everything in my life in order to heal my own body through food and nutrition.

I was determined to get off pills and medications and focus on healing the cause of my problems and so I took a leap of faith and dove into a world of whole foods, healing foods, gardening, farmer's markets, natural supplements, local produce, detox baths, natural household cleaners, natural personal care products, the list goes on! My world turned up-side-down.

But what a difference! I can still hardly believe in the health I have now. Many have helped me on this journey, one thing I realized this week is that I really couldn't have done it without the men and women who have trod this same difficult path before me and have shared their knowledge and experiences online. Their successes and failures, recipes and reviews, and tips and tricks have been invaluable to me as I my world turned upside-down in search of ways to heal my digestive issues. 

There is still much to share and help in the world of GAPS, SCD, or AIP, but these healthy food blogs have been some of my top resources for places to go when I needed help with finding grain-free, whole food, healing recipes that actually tasted good, toxin-free products that actually worked, and words of faith and inspiration when I wanted to give up. I think you'll find them very enlightening as well!

  1. My all-time, go-to recipe website is Against All Grain, by Danielle Walker. Her recipes are genius. I've NEVER made one of her dishes I didn't like. And I can't say that about any other cookbook, either.


2. When it comes to getting "healthier, happier, and harder to kill" Stephanie Gaudreau at StupidEasyPaleo is who to go to. As a former biology teacher, she knows the body. And she knows how to make it stronger through whole foods. Her podcasts and Ebooks are nothing short of awesome.


3. If you are looking for ways to get rid of harmful toxins or chemicals from your home, WellnessMama has it all. She's got thousands of posts on all different kinds of natural, DIY solutions to replace harmful store-bought products.


4. Organizations like Weston A. Price are invaluable for their huge community of scientists and enthusiasts alike who freely share their knowledge about what really makes us healthy, and how to avoid falling for "get healthy" claims from the media


5. While sometimes the only way to know what you are eating is good quality is to call a restaurant and talk to the chef personally, is another fantastic resource for finding places you can eat how and still take care of your gut health.


6. Cara at HealthHomeHappiness is a mother of two and a lover of the GAPS diet! Her blog entries are full of information about why gut health is so important and how to cook whole, nutrient-dense foods for kids with picky eating or learning disabilities


7. The Nourished Kitchen is one of my favorite blogs for learning how to cook nourishing foods. Simple steps to learn how to culture yogurt, sprout grains and seeds, make sauerkraut, and more. Absolutely essential for healthy living!


8. Her blog is beautiful and so are her pictures! Many of Carrie's recipes at DeliciouslyOrganic are GAPS approved and absolutely delicious!deliciouslyorganic

9. I love GI365! Kari is a Montana native and lover of all things wonderful--clean eating, healthy living, and the great outdoors. Every time I see her recipes or her incredible outdoor photography of the Northern U.S. or Canada, I am inspired to continue on in my little adventures here in Utah with real food and real awesome mountains. If you aren't already following her--DO IT!--it might just inspire you to live a little better too;)



10. An all-around great resource for families on restricted diets is ComfyBelly, where you can find great recipes and tips for healing families with digestive issues


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