Why Detoxing Is Important

What's the problem with toxins?

Our world today is very different than the world 100 years ago. Advancements in technology and medicine continue to shape and change our world right before our eyes. Most of our daily lives now consist of living in the city, going to school, running a businesses or practice, or going to work at a corporate office. It's just a different world than that of our great-grandparents, when farming and agriculture was much more a part of daily life.

But with those advancements come a problem--a life of ease in the city requires the production of thousands of man-made chemicals. From cosmetics to containers to cars, nearly everything around us is made of synthetic chemicals. This wouldn't be a problem except that we don't always know how these chemicals affect our health. Among the 80,000 chemicals on the market today only about 200 have been tested for safety. There are no regulations governing the use of chemicals in products. They are only removed from use or production if proven to cause harm to us. (The Human Experiment, Dir. Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, 2013)

For example, Bruce Louie and Rick Smith, in Toxin Toxout, explain the following about pesticides: "Every 30 years or so we start using a different kind of pesticide […] There are a couple of reasons for this: one is because of resistance--the more you use a pesticide the more tolerant of it the insects become. The other reason is that negative effects on human health or the environment start to surface…. After the banning of DDT we started using organophosphate pesticides […] And around 2000, the U.S. started taking action to reduce organophosphates because evidence of health effects began to surface. History repeating itself."

How do toxins enter our body?

We know that chemical and synthetic compounds surround us, but how do they get into our bodies? There are essentially three ways--we eat or drink it, we breathe it, or we put it on our skin. (Essentially means there are other ways… but most of us don't usually put things up in there;))

Think of a typical day.

You breathe in fumes from your carpet or paint, gases produced by the cars around you, and air fresheners in the gas station bathroom.

You eat fruits and vegetables covered in pesticides and meat and eggs produced from chemically-enhanced animals.

You smother on some lotion and make-up composed of heavy metals and parabens that soak right into the blood.

None of these chemicals belong in our bodies and have the power to clog up, poison, and destroy our bodies.

So how do we survive?

Our bodies are incredible. All the systems in our body--the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, and especially the lymphatic system--work together to take nutrients to the cells and waste away from the cells and out of the body. Their whole purpose is to give cells what they need and cleanse them of what they don't need so they can do their function right!

Why detoxing is important

When we put toxic chemicals into our body, they can damage cells and their functions if not removed. They can cause disease and cancer. They can weaken our immune system and clog up the communicators in our body so cells don't get the nutrients they need. Toxins needs to be removed!!!

But how?? The body's main system of doing this is called the lymphatic system. It basically filters the bodies and looks for foreigners, alerting the immune system if something needs to be attacked, destroyed, and taken out of the body. The liver, the spleen, and hundreds of lymph nodes clean and filter fluid and blood. But the lympathic system does not have a movement system of its own and so relies on other systems to help get rid of waste and toxins.

So.. how do I detox!

This is where YOU come in!!! Detoxing takes a little bit of effort on your part to help your lymphatic system MOVE all that junk out of the body. Sweating through exercise or dry saunas, sunbathing (WITHOUT toxic sunscreens or lotions!), juicing, probiotics, dry skin brushing, detox baths, and colon cleanses are all means of helping the body remove toxins from the body and regaining health. Small little choices, every day, help your body cleanse itself--keeping your cells healthy and functioning correctly day after day.

I've provided some links to some posts here on my blog which talk about different methods of detoxing. Take some time to figure out how to work some of these routines into your daily schedule. It will take a little adjusting, and probably some time, but it's absolutely worth it for a healthy, disease-free and cancer-free body and mind.

Detoxing the Body and non-toxic living

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